Urling quits Blue Caps; mulling a political future



By Jomo Paul

Former Chairman of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Clinton Urling, Chairman of one of Guyana’s premier social groups, – Blue Caps – has resigned from his post and may be part of a political platform in the near future.

Urling confirmed with iNews on Tuesday, March 03 that he did indeed submit his resignation to the Board on Monday March 02, but said that while he was resigning as Chairman, he is still a member of Blue Caps.

He said that his resignation “was just to allow the next generation, the other members – the younger members to step up into the leadership position and leave their imprint as going forward. I am still a member of Blue Caps I will still be giving them my full support as we go forward but in terms of sitting on the board and as Chairman; I am off of that.”

According to Urling, while no replacement has been named, the remaining Board members will hold a meeting and make a decision on who will fill the now vacant post.

When asked about his political ambitions, Urling said that while he has not made any concrete decision, he would not be ruling out the possibility of such a move.

“If I should feel at any time joining one of the platforms is the right thing for me to do at the moment, I will. I am a pragmatic person…but I haven’t made any formal decision,” said the Former Head of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce.

“In my mind I haven’t said look it’s either PPP (People’s Progressive Party/Civic) or the Opposition or starting my own Party. There’s no firm decision there. But when the time comes I will look at which platform has the best economic plan, the best plan for an inclusionary type approach to government,” he told iNews.

Urling has been particularly vocal about the PPP administration’s failure to hold local government elections with several bold statements that incurred the wrath of the incumbent.

On one occasion he joined the Leader of the Opposition David Granger in a protest outside of the Office of the President calling for a date to be named for Local Government polls.