UPDATE: Two Bandits killed in failed robbery attempt on Businessman

Killed: Trevor Barrow

Two alleged bandits were on Friday shot and killed following a robbery attempt conducted on a D’Urban Street, Georgetown variety store.

The dead men have been identified as 26-year-old Trevor Barrow called “Budda” of Norton and Cemetery Road and Calvin Dower, 31, of Bent Street, Wortmanville.

Killed: Trevor Barrow

According to information received, Barrow and Dover reportedly stormed the business and were armed with a .38 Rossie revolver and a black glock pistol.

This publication was reliably informed that the businessman opened for business at 08:00hrs and about 10:30hrs he was packing goods when he felt a cold metal object rest against his right side head. He then heard a male voice demanding that he hand over his property.

The businessman was reportedly wearing a 60 penny weight gold chain around his neck, valued at $500,000, two gold and diamond finger rings valued at $600,000 and a gold and diamond band valued at $700,000 on his right hand. He also had his firearm strapped to his right ankle.

According to information received, the bandits were trying to relive him of his valuables when Dover reportedly became distracted by a loud noise and ran out of the store while Barrow continued his attempt to relieve the businessman of his jewelry.

However, INews understands that a scuffle ensued between the businessman and Barrow, who then attempted to shoot the victim but failed as his gun reportedly snapped. At this point, the businessman reportedly reached for his licenced firearm and discharged several rounds hitting Barrow, who then fell to the ground. He succumbed shortly after.

An eyewitness to the event said that the businessman then closed the business and shortly after police came and took possession of his firearm.

According to another eyewitness, when the ranks arrived Dover was running out of the store and discharged several rounds at the ranks who returned fire.

Dover then proceeded to run North, along Hardina Street with the police in pursuit and returned fire.

INews was informed that Dover was injured during the shootout and left behind a trail of blood that officers used to follow him to Bent street, Worthmanville.

At the said premises Dover reportedly opened fire on the officers who returned same, fatally wounding him in the process.

This publication was informed that the weapon that Dover had in his possession was stolen from a security guard and was also used on the robbery on two Chinese nationals.

Barrow’s relatives, who were at the scene, claimed that they had warned him about the dangerous life he was living and pleaded with him to make a change.

However, Dover’s family is claiming that he was executed by the Police even though he attempted to surrender after the exchange.

Presently, the businessman who shot and killed Barrow is in police custody along with three residents of the home where Dover attempted to hide in.

Investigations are ongoing, as it was reported that a third bandit was also present but escaped from the scene.



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