Stewartville resident bludgeoned to death during robbery


The spot where Sattaur's body was found. [iNews' Photo]
The spot where Sattaur’s body was found. [iNews’ Photo]
[]The life of 56 – year – old Jamaludeen Sattaur came to an abrupt end after bandit (s) entered his Stewartville, West Coast Demerara home where they robbed him and then clubbed him to death.

Sattaur was a planter attached to the Uitvlugt Estate.

He was found dead in his home by his reputed wife, Genevieve Hartman on Sunday morning (December 15) after she returned from work. The distraught woman told iNews that she screamed for help upon finding her husband’s bloodied body.

The woman explained that the entire house was ransacked and it is the family’s belief that the perpetrator (s) used a huge piece of brick to hit the man in his head.

Hartman told iNews that there was a gaping wound to her husband’s head. Neighbours told iNews that they did not see or hear anything unusual in the house anytime Saturday night.

The man reputed wife: Genevieve Hartman. [iNews' Photo]
The man reputed wife: Genevieve Hartman. [iNews’ Photo]
Dead: Jamaludeen Sattaur
Dead: Jamaludeen Sattaur

The dead man’s wife explained that she left her husband alone at home on Saturday evening around 18:30hrs to go to work and returned Sunday morning at 7:30 when she made the gruesome discovery at their lot 28 Stewartville, Middle Street West Coast Demerara house.

The dead man has been living at the house for his entire life and started a relationship with Hartman some five years ago.




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