Update: SSS tonic was laced with cocaine; Three persons now dead

Dead: Alex Blair


By Fareeza Haniff


Dead: Alex Blair
Dead: Alex Blair

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Three persons are now dead after they drank SSS tonic, which was allegedly laced with cocaine on Sunday, May 04.

Dead are 42 – year – old Alex Blair, his wife Simone Pryce and 36 – year – old Natasha George.

Blair and Pryce’s nine year old son is hospitalized at the Georgetown Public Hospital along with George’s son.

iNews (www.inewsguyana.com) reported earlier that the bottle of SSS tonic was dropped off to the East La Penitence house for one of the occupants to take to the United States. However, the person refused to take the tonic, since the same is being sold in the US.

As such, the tonic was left in the house, and all five persons drank it this morning, after which they collapsed.




  1. Now it saddens me as a Guyanese that our people continue to engage in the drug trade in the most primitive of ways. I know Guyanese not stupid but some of awe dotish like hell. Wah wrang wid dez people…


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