Several in custody over robbery attack at Goed Fortuin


Several persons are now in police custody following a robbery attack on a Goed Fortuin, West Bank Demerara, Chinese restaurant in the wee hours of this morning. 

This is according to Police “D” Division Commander, Leslie James who was asked by INews to provide an update on the case earlier today. 

INews was informed that the yard in which the restaurant is located, houses two other buildings, with the second being the workers’ living quarters and the last being the house in which the owner of the business, Su San resides.

Commander James said that that from all indications at least seven men broke into the workers’ quarters. The employees heard the noise and upon inspection, came across the men armed with cutlasses, crowbars and knives.

The bandits reportedly fled the scene with one computer, one cell phone and a bottle of Hennessy.

Police were immediately contacted and a search was launched.

James also told INews that a toy gun was found at the scene, however, it is unclear whether the instrument was used to carry out the robbery.

Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


  1. APNU scums on the roll –this is everyday job for these ppl to rob and kill hardworking people –while their useless, incompetent boss is on vacation on the tax payers dime–this is the change he talked about–the chinese man can prosper in GT while his stooges rob and kill.I do not see businessmen looking like him getting rob and killed ah wonder why??????


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