UPDATE: Police link gruesome Campbellville double murder to robbery

Deonarine Liliah and his son Gopaul Liliah during happier times

Police investigations have revealed that the pandit and his son who were found hacked to death in their Craig Street, Campbellville, Georgetown home on Tuesday morning may have met their demise following a break and enter and larceny.

INews understands that CCTV footage uplifted from nearby cameras revealed a masked man jumping the western fence into the deceased’s yard. It further displayed the suspect entering the home from the northern door and exiting from the back entrance, with two bulky bags and a bucket in his hands.

61-year-old Deonarine Liliah aka Dewan Liliah- an of lot 25 Craig Street South half Section’ G’ Campbellville and his 28-year-old son, Gopaul Liliah, 28, of the same address reportedly met their demise between July 7, 2018 and July 10, 2018.

Enquires disclosed that the father and son lived in the upper flat of a two storey wooden and concrete building, facing North at the junction of Craig and Delph Street, Campbellville in a fenced yard.

The lower flat is occupied by a 40-year-old home aid worker- a tenant of the deceased.

According to the tenant, she last saw the Pandit and his son at about 06:00h on the July 7, 2018 in the yard and they spoke to each other.

She recounted that at about 21:00h the same day, she heard the sounds of someone walking heavily in the upper flat.

However, the woman said since then, she never saw the two again.

As such, on Tuesday morning, the home aid worker became even more suspicious after a questionable smell began emanating from the upper flat.

To this end, a report was made at the Kitty Police Station and ranks visited the location.

On arrival, investigators reported that they found the back door ajar.

Upon entering the flat, Gopaul Liliah’s lifeless body was discovered lying face down on the floor, in a pool of blood.

“His head was pointing in an Eastern direction and his feet to the West, with a red jersey wrapped around his head, clad in a grey jersey and a grey boxer. Stab wounds were seen(three to the back, one to the left and right side abdomen, two to the chest, one right and one left),” a police source indicated.

In addition, Deonarine Liliah was seen lying on his back in the living room “with his head to the East and feet to the West.”

He was clad in a pair of white long pants and a multi-coloured top.

His face was also covered with the shirt.

“Multiple  stab wounds were seen on his body( four to the front of his abdomen, four to left side of abdomen, one to the lower back and one to the right hip).”

The bodies were identified by Jairam Liliah- the brother and uncle of the two deceased.


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