Update: Pensioner remains hospitalized following armed robbery

The house where the robbery took place. [iNews' Photo]
File Photo of Daljit Balraj and his wife, Bidiawatee Balraj
File Photo of Daljit Balraj and his wife, Bidiawatee Balraj

[www.inewsguyana.com] – An East Canje, Adelphi pensioner is currently hospitalized following an armed robbery at his home on Thursday, October 29.

Sixty – four – year old Daljit Balraj was rushed to the New Amsterdam Hospital after receiving injuries at the hands of three bandits, who invaded his home in the wee hours of Thursday morning.

The man was admitted and is being monitored closely as his blood pressure was at an all-time high. He also suffered a laceration to his forehead, above the eye.

Meanwhile, his wife Bidiawatee Balraj, 59 years, was also treated at the hospital but sent away. Police have stated that Detectives in ‘B’ Division are hunting for a gang of three bandits, who beat and robbed the couple.

The traumatized woman told iNews that she woke up after hearing an unusual sound after which she woke her husband, who made checks; however they didn’t notice any strange movements and she went back to the room.

Upon making a second check on the veranda, the husband was greeted by the bandits, who were armed with a cutlass, gun and pieces of wood.

The house where the robbery took place. [iNews' Photo]
The house where the robbery took place. [iNews’ Photo]
According to the wife, when her husband was attacked, she heard him scream and called out to him but got no response. As she was about to check on him, two of the bandits entered her room.

She told iNews that they demanded cash and jewellery, which she agreed to give them as long as they do not hurt her or the husband.

According to the elderly woman, after receiving the undisclosed amount of cash and jewellery, the bandits ransacked the house in search of more and asked for her son ‘Ryan’, who was at work at the time.

They then ransacked the son’s room and found a box of jewellery. The woman stated that the bandits tied her up before escaping and threatened to kill them if she says anything to anyone.

Daljit was also tied up with clothing and placed to lie with his face down. The woman managed to free herself and called the police and her family who arrived and took them to the hospital for medical attention.




  1. There is the need for tougher penalties In the high crime societies of the Caribbean.People who are convicted of these types of crimes should be locked away and not re-enter society until they are aged to the extent that they may not be able to commit such crimes again.

  2. Its time for all Guyanese to DEMAND a halt to this unprecedented crime wave, it’s shameful that the tourism minister not asking for swift action,Minister Of security its time to show us how much strength you have. We cannot accept the state of lawlessness, we condemn the PPP ever day has anything changed regarding crime NO. How many more have to suffer and die before you as minister put O zero tolerance on crime,,lets all take a strong stand and demand very swift action from this Government,

  3. Everyday this crime situ rears its ugly head….innocents are suffering and the government appears clueless. When will this stop? How many has to die? Why aren’t the people raising their voice in protest? Start picketing the police station and parliament….raise the issue as a national crisis, and then have the government employ the resources necessary to curb this escalation. Do something…do anything…but you cannot sit by and do nothing! Unless this is by design?
    Stiffen the penalties, employ curfew, do random stop and frisk, and monitor these types of bikes that are facilitating criminals.


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