UPDATE on Cummings Lodge shooting: Victim discharged from hospital, bullet removed



A 36-year old man who narrowly escaped death after a man dressed in military apparel attacked him with a gun whilst he was entering his yard at Cummings Lodge, East Coast Demerara, last Thursday, has been discharged from the hospital after undergoing a successful surgery.

Romeo Ramcharran at the hospital
Romeo Ramcharran at the hospital

Romeo Ramcharran is now recovering at home after the bullet was removed. Today, he visited a health center in his area to receive a fresh dressing for the wound.

The man’s mother said that he is able to walk on his feet a little and is recovering well. She said that since his discharge from the hospital, an investigator from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) visited and took further statements in the matter.

“That is all that happened since he get shoot. We have not been told or heard anything else”, she explained.

Ramcharran had told INews that he and two of his brothers were returning home after imbibing alcohol on Wednesday evening into Thursday when the incident occurred.

He said when they arrived at their 8th Street, Eight Field Cummings Lodge home, he disembarked the vehicle to urinate while one of his other brothers entered the yard.

“I was at the lantern post when I see a man running coming and so I think is joke…then I saw the man pull out a gun and I snatched it from him and turn him over. He fired one shot and while I was over him, he managed to fire another shot which hit me in my left knee”.

Ramcharran said that after being overpowered, the man held onto the gun and made good his escape up the street.

He described his attacker as being mixed and tall. The perpetrator was allegedly wearing “army” clothes at the time. Ramcharran related that the man left a cutlass behind at the scene of the crime.

The gun used during the attack was a .32 revolver according to the victim who also underwent surgery to have the bullet removed.

Investigations are continuing.


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