Update: Murdered GRA worker was planning to leave apartment today – sister

Dead: Dwayne Taitt

By: Amar Persaud 

The 24-year-old Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) enforcement officer who was stabbed to death during the wee hours of today over a rent dispute was planning on leaving the landlady’s property today, according to his sister.

Dwayne Daniel Taitt, a father of a two-year-old girl, was renting an apartment from the 42-year-old suspect’s mother for the past six months. He was living with his reputed wife and child.

The landlady had reportedly ordered the family to leave the Middleton Street, Campelville, Georgetown premises by July 14, 2021 and the young father was in the process of doing so, his sister told INews.

The sister, who spoke under the condition of anonymity, explained to this publication that her brother was awaiting the refund of his security deposit before he departed.

However, at around 00:30hrs today, the family was awakened by a loud banging on the door. Taitt opened the door and was confronted by the suspect who was armed with a knife. Police said the suspect began to attack the man, causing him to run onto a street. The suspect then pursued the man and stabbed him to the chest. The suspect has since been arrested.

The landlady’s property

The man’s sister contended that her brother’s killing was premediated and that there may be more to his demise than a rent dispute.

“I feel like this thing was planned…This thing is uncalled for…This thing can’t be about house,” she expressed, noting that the tyres on her brother’s car were also slashed.

“He doesn’t fight, he doesn’t pick trouble,” the sister noted, still in disbelief at the tragic and senseless killing of her brother.

“This seems unbelievable because it’s less than 12 hours that we saw each other,” she related.

A slashed tyre on the victim’s car

According to the sister, her brother’s life was snatched from him foolishly and she demanded justice.

“He’s a pusher, a responsible person…He accomplished so much at a young age, he got his business at 19. He did everything on his own. He accomplished his car by 20 by saving. We didn’t grow with gold spoons in our mouth and he did everything, he really work up his way. He’s only 24 and he got everything a 24-year-old won’t usually have,” the sister explained.

Taitt had established an online apparel business. He was a St Joseph’s High School alumni. He leaves to mourn his reputed wife, daughter, siblings and parents.