Update: Men were using gasoline to clean tank during explosion

Dead: Oliver France

As police continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding the fatal explosion at a worksite at Leeds Village, Corentyne, Berbice, reports are that the two men involved in the freak accident were using gasoline to clean the concrete tank.

The accident has since left one person dead and another severely injured. Dead is 52-year-old Oliver France of Number 51 Village, while 25-year-old Jamal Rose, a contractor of Number 53 Village, is a patient at the Skeldon Public Hospital.

Family members told this publication that based on information they received, the duo was hired by Onika Thompson to clean and tile a concrete water tank.

During the process of cleaning the tank, the duo reportedly used gasoline to remove tar from inside the structure.

It is still unclear how the explosion occurred.

France was a father of five children, one of whom will be celebrating her first birthday next week.