Update: Lusignan escapees dug a hole under the wall to escape


Police sources have confirmed that the 13 hardened inmates, who escaped the Lusignan swampy compound last night, dug a hole under the wall to do so.

The prisoners, this publication understands, escaped between the period of Sunday night to early Monday morning.

A manhunt has since been launched to recapture the 13.

Police in a released statement has advised that the public should take all necessary precautions and report all suspicious activities to the nearest police station or outpost.

Moreover, the public is asked to avoid the lower East Coast Demerara backlands until further notice.

The 13 men have been identified as ….

1.Clive Forde – Murder

Clive Forde






2.Teshawn McKenzie –Armed Robbery


3.Winston Long- Armed Robbery


4.Kerry Cromwell-Murder

kerry cromwell






5.Pascal Smith-Murder


6.Odel Roberts-Murder


Odel Roberts






7.Kendall Skeete-Murder


8.Paul Goriah-Robbery/Murder

Paul Goriah









9.Jamal Forde-Robbery/Murder

Jamal Forde






10.Jamal Joseph- Inflicted Grievous Bodily Harm


11.Rayon Jones- Murder/Discharged Loaded Firearm

Rayon Jonas







12.Jason Howard-Murder

Jason Howard








13.Shawn Harris-Murder

Shawn Harris






More details will be provided as the information comes out.


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