Update: Husband confesses to beating, choking woman to death


The husband of Waynumattie Permaul, 53, whose body was discovered early this morning buried in a shallow grave, has confessed to beating and choking the woman to death after he heard her speaking with another man on the phone.

Preliminary investigations by detectives revealed that the couple’s son, Verasammy Permaul reported that his mother and father were not on speaking terms and were living in separate sections of the house located at Kilcoy, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

Permaul, a popular Guyanese cricketer, filed a report with the police on Thursday after he found out that his mother was missing since April 21.

An investigation was launched during which bloodstains were found at the home of the couple.

As such, the husband was interrogated during which he revealed that the duo was separated for about two years now.

The husband reportedly moved to the upper flat of the home while his wife remained in the lower flat.

The suspect further stated that on the day the woman went missing, he was in the yard in close proximity to the woman’s bedroom when he overheard her on the phone speaking to a male.

Upon hearing the conversation between his wife and the man, he immediately confronted her in the bedroom and an argument ensued.

He told detectives that he physically assaulted his wife by cuffing her about her body. The man also confessed to choking the woman until she became motionless.

Soon after, he recalled seeing blood on her body. The suspect then wrapped up his wife’s body in a bedsheet, left her on the floor, and went into the empty lot which is about 100 yards opposite their home. There, he dug a shallow grave.

Continuing his confession, the suspect said he later returned to the house where he dragged his wife’s body into the hole.

He then covered the hole with dirt. The suspect then went back to his home and went about his normal life.

After interrogation, he took investigators, to the area where he had buried the woman’s body.

The suspect remains in custody assisting with investigations.

The now dead woman was a mother of three.