Update: Gunmen storm Fullworks Motor Spares, employees track down suspected getaway car


By Nickhail Jaundoo

Two bandits carted off an undisclosed amount of cash from Fullworks Motor Spares located at Good Hope, East Coast Demerara at approximately 14:30h.

iNews was told by employees, who prefer to remain anonymous that two men walked into the building and inquired about the prices of spare parts but made no purchase.

According to the employees, they then walked out of the building and returned a few minutes later with guns and held up workers and customers.

An eyewitness told this news site that one of the gunmen began taking cash and jewellery from customers while the other demanded the day’s earnings from the cashier.

During the ordeal, two workers were hit in their faces and had to seek medical attention. The men escaped in a waiting car but were tracked down by workers of Fullworks.

iNews was told that the employees managed to corner them in the vicinity of  Dr. Doobay Clinic where four persons including the driver of the motorcar were searched, but the stolen items were not found in their possession.

The workers believed that the gunmen were smart enough to switch cars. However, a police vehicle was summoned and the persons were taken to the Vigilance Police station.

At the start of the week a number of robberies have taken place in the city.

On the brink to tighten security across the country commissioner of Police Leroy Brumell today urged businesses to safeguard their premises and to keep a close eye on their staff.

Brumell notes that this can be a contributing factor to most of these high profile robberies.



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