UPDATE: Gunmen invade businessman’s Ogle residence – escape with $2M in cash and jewelry


The residence of an Ogle, East Coast Demerara businessman was robbed earlier today by two gunmen who relieved the family of over $2M in cash and items.

Neville Sooklall and his son,
Neville Sooklall and his son Rajendra

Father of the businessman, Neville Sooklall, told INews that the bandits entered the home under the pretense of ordering chicken feed.

He said that in place of his son, Rajendra Sooklall, was his daughter-in-law who would tend to the business while his son was away. Upon serving the men, a gun was pointed to her and one of the gunmen demanded that everyone lie on the ground.

At the residence at the time, along with Rajendra Sooklall’s wife and his father were three other neighbours.

One of the gunmen guarded the occupants while the other instructed the wife of the businessman to hand over the money and valuables.

Upon gaining access to the valuables, the bandits fled the scene on a motor cycle.

According to the Neville Sooklall, the police took approximately one hour to arrive at the scene from the Sparendam Police Station on the East Coast of Demerara.

Investigations are ongoing. (Ramona Luthi)


  1. Just imagine that Sparendaam station is just few minutes away from Ogle..They took an hour to get there. The lawlessness the complacency and the corruption in Guyana is becoming worse. Voted for change got change. Ah I forgot crime is on the decrease lol so says the police and Rumjuttan .


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