UPDATE: Elderly couple met fiery death after bandits set house on fire – reports


Reports reaching INews this morning confirm that an elderly couple was killed last night when bandits invaded their home and then set it ablaze with the couple locked inside, before fleeing the scene.

Reports that emerged minutes after the tragedy during the wee hours of this morning (see our previous Breaking News report around 01:15 hrs), indicate that bandits had just staged a deadly attack on a family at Good Hope, on the East Bank of Essequibo in Region 3 (Essequibo Islands/West Demerara).

At the time it was not clear how many persons had died but unconfirmed reports, including several posts on the social media site Facebook,  indicate that the home of the Munir family was the one targeted by bandits. They are said to be stalwarts in the rice industry in Region 3.

Residents reported hearing gunshots, followed by screams of help from the couple. INews is currently on the scene and will bring you the details of this tragic story in a subsequent report.


These eyewitness photos of the home believed to have been set alight by bandits were posted by media personality Romel Roopnarine on his personal FB page a few minutes ago.


  1. CRIME is on the decrease, the famous words from the police,,,,….???? Ing Joke,,AGAIN I SAY Guyanese have to protect themselves. CRIMINALS have taken over,the prisoners doing what they feel and the ones on the outside free to kill,rape,and continue the robbery spree,SHAME,,our hearts and prayers go out to the family RIP.


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