Update: CPG officer dies from poison, ex-wife discharged

Narine Parmaloo chopped his ex-wife and her lover before killing himself

The 52-year-old Community Policing Group Officer who ingested poison after chopping his ex-wife and her lover last night, passed away hours ago at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Narine Parmaloo

Inews had previously reported that the CPG officer, Narine Parmaloo of Bush Lot Farm, Corentyne was imbibing with this ex-wife, Nesha Parmaloo and her lover, identified only as “Mahendra, last evening.

However, an argument ensued between the CPG Officer and his ex-wife’s lover, Mahendra. Parmaloo reportedly grabbed a cutlass from inside of the home and dealt multiple chops to his ex-wife and her lover, while threatening to chop anyone who tried to protect the duo.

The house where the incident occurred (Javed Khan Image )

The Parmaloos’ son told Inews that his father would usually visit his mother and they would often consume alcohol without there being a problem. He was unable to say what may have triggered his father’s sudden rage.

This online publication understands that the Parmaloo’s separated late last year, and the CPG Officer had reportedly threatened on numerous occasions to kill his ex-wife, especially after she moved in with her lover, Mahendra.

Reports suggests that Narine Parmaloo, on Wednesday last, attempted to take his own life, and was hospitalized. He was only just discharged from the hospital on Saturday.

Meanwhile, Parmaloo’s ex-wife was discharged from the hospital today, while her lover is said to be clinging to his life. (Ramona Luthi)


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