UPDATE: Cops still trying to locate owner of pit bulls involved in fatal mauling of Leonora man


The Police are still trying to locate the owner of three pit bulls suspected to have mauled a man to death, and injured two others at Leonora, West Coast Demerara, yesterday.

Contacted for an update on the matter earlier today, Commander of “D” Division, Leslie James, told INews they have still been unsuccessful in their efforts to locate the owner of the animals.

INews understands that the man who was detained yesterday, has since been released.  He is the brother of the woman who is believed to be the owner of the animals.



  1. I hope this man family gets justice. I hope she will be paying for his burial
    Not only dogs but other animals are roaming the streets every where. Imagine a bull cow in my yard eating my tomatoes when I chase it . It tried to butt me. The Town and City Council needs to build Animal Pound’s in each Region , employ several part time persons to catch these animals roaming the streets .charge the owners the minimum $3000.00 per large animal , $1000.00 per small animal
    If the owners don’t pay to get their animals in 2 days . Implement a stiffer fine. We have to send a strong message to these animal owners. Dogs must be on a leashe with their owners once on the streets. This is so sad to die in such a horrific way.


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