UPDATE: British teen’s hidden belongings, cameras found – third suspect led Police to where they were buried


The Guyana Police Force Major Crimes Unit has initiated another breakthrough in the investigation of missing British teen, Dominic Bernard, leaving them to believe that the body found in the backlands of Alness village in Corentyne, Berbice is that of the teenager.

Jameel Sinclair, of Kildonan village in Berbice, who is a close friend of the teen’s god-brother, Aaron Hing, led a team of investigators down a lonely road in the village of Nurney and pointed out where he hid the personal belongings of the murdered young man. The investigators reportedly found a camera and some of its components.

Staymon George and Aaron Hing have since confessed to killing the British teenager
Staymon George and Aaron Hing have since confessed to killing the British teenager

Sinclair reportedly told investigators that on the day of the brutal murder he was instructed by Aaron Hing to bury the teen’s belongings. After continuous interrogation, he succumed to pressure and relate that he was promised cash if he hid the clothes and other items.

However, while the motive for the brutal murder remains a mystery, INews understands that the police are looking at the theory of a possible act of revenge or robbery.

A senior Police source has revealed that Aaron Hing, a 23-year-old British citizen living in Guyana, was involved in several criminal activities while he was living in the United Kingdom, resulting in him being arrested and placed in custody.

Staymon George captured on Saturday morning in Tucville
Staymon George captured on Saturday morning in Tucville

Ever since, he had accused the now dead British teen of being an informant and that he was the reason for him being locked up.

On this pretext, the Police thought that it was an act of revenge. On the other hand, the teenager came to Guyana to study film making for which he had an avid passion. He reportedly left the UK with a large sum of cash  and high-tech equipment including cameras.

A few pieces of the teen’s equipment are still missing and it is believe that they were sold. Nevertheless, the police have been on top of this case since it was reported to them exactly one week ago.

The Police source stated that with the circumstantial amount of evidence at their disposal, they are convinced that charges will be laid against Hing, Staymon George and at least two others.

One piece of evidence that led investigators to believe that the decomposed body found in a shallow grave last Friday is that of Dominic Bernard is the garments it was covered in at the time of the gruesom discovery.

The decomposed body was decked in a blue long-sleeve hoody and long blue jeans and a white v-neck on the inside – the identical clothes the teen was wearing when he left the UK in October last year. This is in addition to the discovery of the teen’s personal items in Nurney Corentyne, Berbice.

Also, the confession by the god-brother and accomplice about their involvement in the teen’s disappearance and ultimately death.

Meanwhile, the public is still curious to know what took the family three months to travel to Guyana even though they knew the teen was missing.

The British teenager reportedly arrived in Guyana on the evening of October 14 and was not seen since.



Dominic Bernard
Dominic Bernard

The British teen’s god-brother, Aaron Hing, and Hing’s friend Staymon George, have both confessed to law enforcement authorities of beating and burying Dominic Bernard in a shallow grave in Berbice.

They were arrested shortly after the Guyana Police Force issued wanted bulletins for the duo to answer questions in connection with the disappearance of the British teen, and in the wake of the discovery of a decomposed body in a shallow grave at the back of Allness Village in Berbice.

Hing was reportedly found in a city hotel on Friday evening, while his accomplice was arrested at a house in Tucville, Georgetown on Saturday morning.

It is understood that after news spread about the discovery of a decomposed body at Alness village in Corentyne, Hing went to the city hotel.
The Police subsequently received a tip-off and went to the hotel where they took him into custody.

Further, after receiving information about George’s whereabouts, Police swooped down on a house at Tucville, Georgetown where he was arrested while attempting to escape.

INews understands that Dominic Bernard was brutally beaten by the two men who then robbed him of an undisclosed sum of cash. His ‘god-brother’ admitted that he and two others took the body to the back of Alness and buried it in a shallow grave they reportedly dug two days before the teen arrived in Guyana.
They reportedly ádmitted to investigators that they had collected the young man from the Cheddi Jagan International Airport on the night of October 14, 2015 and took him to restaurant on Sheriff Street where they ate and had beers, before proceeding to Berbice.
One of the self-confessed killer reportedly claimed that they murdered Bernard on the night of October 14 and the other claimed that it was a week after.

A postmortem performed on Saturday at the area where the corpse had been left overnight, revealed that the British teen was struck at the back of the head. He also sustained a fractured skull and a broken neck.

Police sources stated that based on the condition of the body, it had been buried for a long time, giving credence to the tale that the teenager was murdered on October 14 hours after he arrived in Guyana.

Meanwhile, relatives of the British teenager in a statement said that although no formal identification has taken place, they were devastated to have learnt that Hing and Staymon have confessed to the murder of the young man.
“Dominic was full of hope, ambition, creativity, self-respect, faith and trust. He was very much loved by all his family as well as a wide circle of friends. He was a talented film-maker and we are in no doubt that he had a bright and successful future ahead of him,” the family added.
The young man had travelled to Guyana on October 14, to pursue his dream of studying film-making.
Already an accomplished photographer, director and editor, with several music videos under his belt, Bernard was in the process of taking up an offer from an American school to work alongside and be mentored by established movie directors in the United States, the relatives said.

“Dominic has never been particularly academic, but he left school at 16 with five good GCSEs. He enrolled at a local college, but rather than sitting behind a desk, he preferred to be out there actually gaining experience by working and he has been very successful with his production company,” the family stated.

The body was removed on Saturday afternoon and taken to Ramoo’s Funeral Parlour to await a post-mortem.
On Friday, investigators, including personnel from the Major Crimes Unit (MCU), visited the village of Allness and then went into the backlands where the shallow grave was discovered.
The badly decomposed body was found in a one-foot sand grave which had been flattened at the top. At the time of burial, the body was clad in what appeared to be a white V-neck T-shirt and short pants; both were discoloured.
The shallow grave with the unidentified body was found about 200 meters off the Kildonan Middledam, three miles from the main access road.

Immigration documents proved that the teenager left London on Flight BW903 at 12:50h on October 14, and arrived in Trinidad at 17:30h the same day. He then boarded Flight BW483 from Port of Spain to Georgetown, arriving at the CJIA at 21:50h. Airport records show that the young man cleared immigration, but unfortunately, his trail ended there.



  1. anybody in their right mind would think trice before freeing greedy heartless ppl like them …. it is unthinkable smh surely this gave guyana a bad name but there are places that do worst……. they should be sentenced to death �😠�😒😠

  2. Why did he leave England to come to Guyana to study film making? Since when do we have a better film making school than England? And why are people calling Guyana dangerous? Yall just some hateful people. I’m pretty sure there are a lot more gruesome murders in Merry ol’ London than the whole of Guyana by far. Stupid people.

  3. He was an awesome, talented and caring guy. He had a great future ahead of him and now he’s gone. From me and on behalf of his other friends (Facebook) he didn’t deserve any of this…He’s in a better place now and we send our condolences to his family.

  4. Daam u ppl y the hell everything have to be political…this is a life we are talkin abt. some one son ..brother nephew….cousin etc etc..it’s so sad this young man’s life was beaten out of him. i could only imagine what his family is going through right now and i hope justice is served and give this family some closure….

  5. Let be fair this is a case of cold blooded murder accuse accept the did the killing so what wrong to hang them it a simple case but my Guyanese people can you see people feel more free to committed crime under the PNC/AFC because the see Granger is letting all them criminal go free calling the crime minor crime.

  6. Well it seem like Guyana is not a safe place to travel to that will be the breaking news soon people will have to travel at their own risk good luck to all Guyanese who is going to Guyana for holiday or dead day.

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