Update: Bandits snatch $7 Million payroll from Public Works Accountants


ROBESON BENN WEB[www.inewsguyana.com] – Over $7M was snatched today, Thursday December 19 from Accounts Clerks of the Ministry of Public Works and which represented the payroll of some members of staff. This was confirmed by Subject Minister, Robeson Benn.

During an interview with iNews, Minister Benn said that the employees with the protection of an armed guard had just entered the Finance Office compound of the Ministry at 4th Street Kingston when the men pounced.

It was reported that the men had been waiting at the location for some time and were dressed as public works employees and claimed that they were workers from the interior who had come to uplift their salaries.

However, it turned out that the two men arrived at the location on CJ motorcycles, which were parked at a shop nearby.

iNews was informed that as the vehicle entered the compound, the men assaulted a female security guard, and took away the firearm of the male security guard, who had accompanied the accounts clerk to the bank.

This news outlet was also informed that when the men were leaving with the money, they accidentally, dropped $200,000.

When questioned about the fate of those who were supposed to be paid, Minister Benn said that the Ministry has already informed the Finance Minister of the robbery and a report will be issued today so that an investigation could commence and have the monies replaced.

Benn told iNews that there is no security camera in the compound, and as such, investigators will be relying on the security cameras fitted to other buildings around the area, in an effort to identify the bandits.



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