Update: Arson suspected in Herstelling fire

The house on fire
The house on fire

Homeowner Raphael Mohamed is completely devastated following the destruction of his house by fire – which he believes was an act of arson by his brother.

The property at Lot 2 First Street Herstelling, East Bank Demerara (EBD) went up in flames this afternoon.

The building was occupied by his family of five along with a tenant. Mohamed said, collectively, they suffered millions of dollars in losses.

He said the family has been living at the property for the past 20 years. Mohamed, who is a weeder by profession, believes  the fire was started by his alcoholic brother.

He said earlier in the day, he and his brother had an altercation, during which his brother threatened him about the inheritance of the house.

“This morning he turn and tell me how me ah fight for property, how me nah gonna inherit this hay,” Mohamed told this publication.

The homeowner said he ignored his brother’s threat and went to a shop when, some time later, he received a call that the house was on fire.

“Only yesterday me put $50,000 in deh to save me money. Honest to God, this trip me out right now, me ain’t got nothing more in life. Me mother dead and left we with this gift [house],” the man lamented.

“Right now me get cold sweat at this present time. Honest speaking, I can’t tek it anymore, this is too much,” Mohamed expressed, on the brink on tears.

The Fire Service has since launched an investigation into the matter.