UPDATE: Armed bandits open fire during Leopold St. robbery- Police


…residents however say the shooting was drug related

At least four persons were reportedly injured during the commissioning of a robbery at a Superbet location in Leopold Street on Monday.

Based on information received, three men walked into the establishment and held the proprietor and a security officer along with a third person at gunpoint.

The gunmen demanded that the security guard hand over the cash he was carrying at the time. The trio reportedly put up a resistance and it was this time the armed men dealt them several blows to their bodies and relived them of the money which amounted to $89,000.

When contacted, A Division Commander, Leslie James told INews that after relieving the man of the cash, the perpetrators made good their escape.

During their escape bid, the men discharged several rounds hitting a nearby zinc fence causing the occupants of the house to run for cover. However, James confirmed that no one was shot in the process and up to press time, the perpetrators were still at large.

Police in a subsequent release identified the security guard as 35-year-old Wendel Maynard.

According to the release, a licenced firearm holder discharged a round at the suspects and the “suspects in their haste to escape with the cash on motorcycles discharged several rounds.”

Meanwhile, at the scene, the residents told a different story. One woman, Jacqueline Lagnah who was shot earlier in the year told media operatives that the shooting stemmed from an alleged cocaine sale.

She reportedly told the media that it was an old grievance which turned sour.

She also indicated that it was a matter of “who runs the block” and who must sell at that particular location.

In January of this year, the 55-year-old resident was shot twice in the lower back when two men opened fire indiscriminately in the area

investigations into the shooting are currently ongoing.


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