Update: 7-month-old baby, 59-yr-old man perish in separate fires


Two separate fires on the East Bank Demerara during the wee hours of this morning have claimed the lives of 59-year-old Thakur Singh and 8-month-old Romain Seth.

Thakur Singh

Inews understands that the elderly man resided with his nephew, Jitendra Singh, Singh’s wife and their two children at lot 795 Block X, Section A, Diamond home.

According to Jitendra Singh, he and his family went to bed at around 21:30hrs on Sunday night, and his uncle was left in the garage of the two storey wooden and concrete home. Singh stated that he was unsure what his uncle was doing. However, he awoke at approximately 03:00hrs this morning by the smell of smoke.

The man noted that he immediately rounded up his immediate family members and sought to escape the burning building. However, Singh said his wife and daughter were unable to handle the smoke, so they choose to vacate the home through the back stairs.

“I manage to come out the building, my son run behind me but my wife and my daughter couldn’t run with me too because they couldn’t ah handle the smoke, so they manage fuh open the back veranda and go through the back veranda,” he recalled.

Singh said that upon exiting the building, he tried to assess the blaze in effort to extinguish the flame. However, he recalled that the fire was too much.

From all indications, Inews understands that the fire started in the garage, and there are speculations that a lighted kerosene stove was left unattended.

The nephew of the dead man said that he was only aware that his uncle had been trapped in the garage when the Fire Tender arrived an hour and half later, and extinguished the fire.

“We suspect that he was in the garage but it was this morning when the fire people find he, then we know,” he said.

Romain Seth

Though much is still sketchy regarding the fire in Kaneville, Grove, East Bank Demerara that took the life of 8-month-old Romain Seth, Inews understands that the fire started around 02:00hrs this morning.

Romain Seth

Reports indicate that the toddler was with his mother, Michelle Menezes, at the time of the fire, but somehow ended up trapped in a bedroom of the wooden flat home that they resided.

The toddler’s mother reportedly lived with him, and his 10 other siblings.

Police have since indicated that this fire may have been as a result of arson.

Investigations are ongoing into both matters.


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