UPDATE: 11-y-o witnessed gruesome murder of sister before fleeing


As investigators continue to unravel information regarding the murder-suicide which occurred this morning in Glasgow Housing Scheme, New Amsterdam, Berbice, the identities of all the deceased persons have been disclosed.

Binowattie Seetaram called “Kameal”, 38, and her 20-year-old daughter, Serojdeo Khan called “Ameila” were on Wednesday morning slaughtered by her husband, Jainarine Seetaram called “Rado”, 41, who later killed himself.

According to the couple’s 11-year-old son, about two weeks ago, Jainarine accused Binowattie of having an affair, and the two were involved in a brief argument over the issue.

However, at about 09:30hrs today, the young lad recalled that he and his sister, Serojdeo, were in the upper flat of the house, while his parents were in the lower flat.

The child said he heard his mother telling his father to move away from her. As such, he recounted that he and his sibling went downstairs.

It was then that he observed Jainarine with a wooden handle hammer in his right hand, while Binowattie was sitting in the hammock.

This online publication understands that the suspect reportedly approached Serojdeo and dealt her one lash to the head with the hammer. The accused then turned to his young son who managed to act quickly and fled the scene.

Police reports indicate that the child ran to his grandmother who resided in the same village and told her what he had witnessed.

As such, the grandmother accompanied him back to the home and it was then that Binowattie was found lying in the hammock, with a wound to the right side of her head and her throat slit.

Jainarine was not present.

The mother and daughter were rushed to the New Amsterdam Public Hospital where they were pronounced dead on arrival.

INews understands that the hammer used by Jainarine was found on a table in the yard, with blood stains.

A search was immediately launched by neighbours and members of the police force for the murderer and at about 11:10hrs, the man’s body was found hanging under an abandoned house, a short distance away from the crime scene.



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