Update: 10-Y-O boy found


The ten-year-old boy who went missing on Easter Monday (April 5) was today found flying his kite at the seawall at Cullen, Essequibo Coast, Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam).

Kevin James, who resides with his grandmother at Cullen, was reported missing after he did not return home on Easter Monday. He was last seen flying his kite in the community.

However, he was found today at the Cullen seawall, a relative informed this publication.

According to the relative, the child said he was wandering in the communities of Abram Zuil and Golden Fleece since Monday. The relative said they are still questioning the child about his whereabouts for the past few days.

The relative, who asked to remain anonymous, explained that the young lad has a tendency of disappearing and then reappearing.

However, the family member indicated that this is the longest period within which the child has been missing, and as such, they became worried.

“He has been doing this for over a year now…first we thought it was the fear that, if he came back, he would be beaten…but then it start becoming a norm where he don’t come home,” the relative explained.

“We already went to the [police] station and to welfare [department] to seek advise. We are trying to see if we can find someway to deter him from doing this,” the relative added.

“We hear he does be sleeping in a boat or a pen, wherever he can throw down for the night…then he does go beg people for lil food.”

The relative is hoping the family can work together with the welfare department to help the child.

“Remember there is Covid out there and predators out there. So we want him to stop doing this.”