Unstaffed operating room, negligence blamed for stillborn baby


By Fareeza Haniff

Grieving mother,Teresa Lalltoo. [iNews' Photo]
Grieving mother,Teresa Lalltoo. [iNews’ Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 30 – year – old mother continues to feel the pain over the loss of her baby girl, whom she said, died due to the negligence of nurses and doctors along with an unstaffed operation room at the West Demerara Regional Hospital (WDRH).

Teresa Lalltoo of Pouderoyen West Coast Demerara struggled to hold back tears during her interview with iNews, as she related the horrifying experience at the hospital.

She said that on April 18 at approximately 19:30 hrs, she was rushed to the maternity unit at WDRH after experiencing intense pain. Upon arrival, she was placed to sit in the waiting area, where she claimed that “little to no attention” was paid to her up to the point where she was asked by a nurse if she was there to “put on a show.”

Thirty minutes later she was examined by a nurse, admitted to the hospital and informed that she should be ready to deliver the baby between 1 – 2 am the next day.

The West Demerara Regional Hospital. [iNews' Photo]
The West Demerara Regional Hospital. [iNews’ Photo]
However, the following morning the baby was still not born and a decision was taken to induce labour. The mother told iNews she informed the doctors and nurses that from her last experience with her first child, she does not feel any pain when labour is induced.

According to the woman, she was placed on a more concentrated volume of oxytocin drips and was told by a doctor [name provided] that “this would be an experiment” since he had not encountered a mother who failed to progress or feel pain with the drips.

After no results, the mother noted that the nurses decided to “clip her water bag”; however instead of just the amniotic fluid coming out, a portion of the umbilical cord followed and ended up being lodged in the vagina.

She noted that the doctors rushed into the room and attempted to place the cord back within the uterus but were unsuccessful; instead the woman’s cervix and pelvic outlet were damaged.

It should be noted that a procedure such as this should have been performed in an operating theater; however the mother noted that her family was informed that there was no staff available to man the theater.

At this time, the mother noted that her baby’s heart rate dropped from 165 beats per minutes to 45 beats per minute and a decision was then made to transfer her to the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC).

Unfortunately, the baby died while on the way to the GPHC. The mother delivered the still born at 2:30am on April 20 at the GPHC. She was then transferred to the post natal ward where she was not only made to share a bed with another person but was forced to look at new mothers with their bouncing babies.

The mother plans to take legal action against the hospital and its doctors.

“I want justice for my child; the doctors should be fired and charged,” the grieving woman told iNews.

She said her brothers visited the doctor who “experimented” on her, but he closed his doors when they arrived.



  1. a woman in labour should have got first priority wether if its serious or not. Nurses at the reception at the wdrh are so rude, they think their father own the hospital. all of them should have been sacked because they are there to look after sick people who place their life in their hands. Here in england that would have been head line news and immediate sack with no more nursing carer for the nurse who said that the pregant woman is putting up a show. patient goes there because they are sick and not to put up shows…COME ON HEALTH MINISTER TRAIN YOUR NURSES AND DOCTORS TO HAVE MANNERS AND RESPECT PEOPLE ILL FEELINGS. I DO HOPE THE MOTHER GET THE JUSTICE SHE DESERVE.

  2. itts so sad that this keeps happening. i encountered this with them. i was pregnant 8 months fell on my back as the hospital was close i decided to go there for a check up i had no relation with the hospital and was a normal patient at woodlands when i told them that they refused to treat me while leaving a woman called me bk and said to sign .change of mind idk next they admitted me to the ward which i found really downgraded and the way the nurses handled me i can never forget this place is garbage the staff treats ppl like dogs i really dont no what they they think.i waited 3 hrs then they decided to examine. just felt my tummy that was it no internal nothing . i was afraid for my baby and time was wasted i just fell flat on my back common nurses and doctor this isnt a game… i took immidiate discharge . when i got to woodland they quickly said i need to go to theater my water bag peirced when i fell . dear lord i could have lost my child if i wasted anymore time at wdrh . god knows those nurses n doctors thrre dont no shit

  3. It is a shame that our quality of health care is down to this level. After years of living abroad i recently had the misfortune of visiting the WDRH, after my brother took ill one night.I was shocked to see the beds in the emergency without basic thing like a sheet. Patients were laying on beds that the sponges were all showing and discolored.In my years of working in the health field we all know that germs spreads very easily if an area is not sterilized properly,and my brother was told to go and lay on the bed that a patient had just left. I made a complaint but as with everything else it fell unto deaf ears. Its unfortunate that someone else had to suffer.Changes has to be done. If you don’t have the means to go to a private hospital you’er doom.This is what the minster needs to look into,not slapping and stripping anyone. From Ann

  4. Is it the health minister experiment on the 30 yrs old woman? So much of illiteracy!!
    However I pray for the woman and hope she takes action ASAP

  5. All Bheri thinking bout is how he want fuh slap Sherlina and get his women dem to strip she.
    If he spent more time doing the job the Guyanese people paying him to do, these types of situations would not occur.

  6. This is the quality of doctors particularly Cuban-Studied doctors we are so proud of, many of whom use cellphones to google remedies. Keep up the good job. I pray that I or my close family won’t have to deal with one of these ducktors.


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