Unpassable Lethem trail gets temporary bypass


A temporary bypass has been carved out along the Linden to Lethem trail, to allow for the crucial supply of fuel, among other commodities and persons to reach the  Upper Takutu-Upper Essequibo district.

Information coming out of the area indicated that traffic is flowing at a reduced pace.

Heavy rainfall and consequently impassable roads led to a fuel shortage in the Region Nine district.

In recent days, critical movement of people and cargo in Region Nine was severely hindered by a truck which toppled last week on a bridge.

Workers were on Tuesday still trying to remove the vehicle.

It was reported that rotten parts of the decking of the bridge collapsed under the truck’s weight.

It was further stated that the situation was compounded by part of the road between Aishalton and Wariwau being washed away owing to overtopping of the Ireng and Takutu Rivers along with continuing heavy rainfall.

Before the temporary bypass was made, buses were taking people and goods up to the blocked-off sections and on the other side, they had to board other vehicles to continue their journey.

Regional Chairman Bryan Allicock said recently that emergency construction works needed to be carried out before the bridge was declared fully functional.

He had warned that a fuel shortage was imminent as tankers had been prevented from traversing the trail. Some vehicle owners had subsequently travelled to the nearby Brazilian community of Bonfim to search for fuel.

Severe flooding has been recorded in other communities in the South and Deep South Pakaraimas, and Central Rupununi.



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