Unfit and improppa…in the LGE


If the Chairman of the AFC, Khemraj Ramjattan, isn’t whistling in the dark and really believes his party will do “as good as 2005” in Monday’s LGE, then he’s just confirming what his outburst about not being able to handle his security mandate suggested: he’s cracking up!! Is he oblivious to the changes since 2005? Let’s count some of the ways for him.

First of all, the US ain’t backing him and Trotman anymore. With Exxon’s oil find, they want stability for the company to recoup its investment – and then some!  They don’t want the AFC rocking the boat – and it’s why they haven’t uttered a squeak even though the PNC’s thrown their former blue-eyed boys under the bus!!

Secondly, Trotman’s doing everything he can to weasel back into the bosom of the PNC. And even though the old PNCites haven’t forgotten (and certainly haven’t forgiven) how he quit the party when he demanded “leader or nothing” after Hoyte passed away. Trotman knows which side the butter’s coming from! Didn’t Ramjattan and company have to twist Trotman’s arms (and legs) for him to permit the LGE ad with his pic be released?

Then, of course, there’s all the nastiness the PNC has committed since they slid into office – with the full connivance and even encouragement of the AFC. Unilateral appointment of GECOM Chair? Ramjattan actually BOASTED about advising Granger to do the dirty!! Shutting down four sugar estates and firing 7000 sugar workers? Nagamootoo’s now boasting about how “kind” this government’s been to sugar workers!! God forbid they be “unkind”!!

The racial appointment of Cabinet members, heads of departments and other officials of the government? Not a squeak from the AFC! And your Eyewitness won’t even mention the gratuitous salary-increases, perks and benefits the AFC gleefully accepted while the working people were being shafted. But frankly, the inanity and fatuousness of the AFC in the eyes of the average voter is summarised by the slogan the party chose for their LGE tryst: Fit and Proppa!!

Are they so removed from reality that they don’t know this is a term of derision across the country? Ever since David Granger insisted that an 84-year old fella, who claimed his claim that he was once Chief Justice of Grenada was a “slip of the pen”, folks just burst out in laughter when someone mentions “fit and proper”. Don’t they realise it’s a kiss of death to whoever they put up as LGE candidates, even if they didn’t have such a sordid record?

Very frankly, your Eyewitness testifies that Ramjattan’s own prediction that the AFC will become “Dead Meat” if it joins the PNC – was prophetic!!

…and thiefin’!

If nothing else epitomises how far we as a country have fallen under this government, it’s the report of firemen responding to the crash of the Air Jamaica jet at CJIA – and filling their pockets (and other crevices such as crotches!) with loot rifled from the stricken crew and passengers!! Your Eyewitness has read of civilians rushing to vehicular crashes and looting the victims – but FIREMEN?

These are members of the DISCIPLNED FORCES, whose virtues and discipline this administration never tires of extolling – and rewarding. But the Firemen are just following in the footsteps of their colleagues in the Police Force; the Army and Prison Services, aren’t they? Hustling motorists for a raise; inflating gas bills to stupendous levels and facilitating contraband into prisons are only some of the misfeasance that have been in the news recently! Why shouldn’t the Fire Service also stick their hands out?

As your eyewitness has been stressing, the staffing of the Disciplined begins with a lie and a shedding of scruples.

The actions simply flow from that!


Your Eyewitness learnt two new words from a report on Health Minister Lawrence responding to a question on that vexed problem of infections in the Neo-natal ICU – Nosocomial (disease originating in hospital) and “latrogenesis” – diseases caused by the doctor.

Has she considered there are just too few doctors – who’re forced to abandon SOP’s??


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