Unequivocal calls for revocation of parking contract in MAPM’s 4th protest

A protester utilizing a unique way get his message across during today’s demonstration

Supporters of the Movement Against Parking Meters (MAPM) took to the streets today to, as they say, “mourn the death of the city” since paid parking has been implemented in January.

“The city is dying! Parking Meter is killing business!” persons clad in black chanted as they marched up and down in front of City Hall.

For the fourth time, protesters lined up in numbers in front of the City Hall in a peaceful protest calling for the parking meters to be removed from Georgetown.
According to the protesters, they refuse to accept a reduction in the parking meter costs since it has become evident that the contract signed by the Mayor and City Council (M&CC) and the parking meter contractors, Smart City Solutions Inc. (SCSI) is more beneficial to the foreign investors than Guyana, more specifically Georgetown.
“We have to stand for principles! You know what is disgraceful?…When a Mayor of a nation and the Town Clerk and the Minister of Communities will disrespect a court order. It is inviting anarchy. The people can do what they want to do..This is tragic in our country’s history!” Businessman, Roshan Khan Snr, said.
They have once again vowed to continue protesting and to boycott the city until the contract is revoked.
“We are going to continue boycotting! We are going to continue to starve the meters until this contract is quashed,” another citizen told the media.
This is the fourth protest organised by the MAPM, where ordinary citizens, business persons, Parliamentarians and even City Hall Councillors among others, turned out in numbers holding placards against the paid parking initiative.
Once again, the Mayor and Town Clerk were “no-shows” at the protest. However, Smart City Solutions Chairman and Director, Simon Mosheshvilli who was present, received much heckling from some protesters.
Some of these protesters were seen following Mosheshvilli as he walked along Regent Street, and they were heard saying “you came to steal from the Guyanese people.”
The hour long protest ended shortly after, and persons went back to resume their business activities which had been paused so that they could join the silent protest.
Another protest is scheduled for some time next week.(Ramona Luthi)
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  1. those meters are kind of old fashion ain’t it ….always read the fine prints in any contract…clarity should always be the order of the day..who’s idea was that? some overseas scammer with a brilliant idea


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