Unemployed man allegedly caught with 300 grammes of Marijuana remanded

Dwayne Gonsalves Venture
Dwayne Gonsalves Venture
Dwayne Gonsalves Venture

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A 40 – year – old man with no fix place of abode was remanded to prison by Magistrate Ann McLennan for allegedly trafficking narcotics.

Dwayne Gonsalves Venture pleaded not guilty to the offence, which alleged that on December 16 at Christianburg, Wismar Linden, he had in his possession 300 grammes of Marijuana for the purpose of trafficking.

The unrepresented man told the Court that he is unemployed. Police Prosecutor Dinero Jones did not reveal the particulars of the case and the matter was transferred to the Linden Magistrate’s Court for December 23.


  1. 300g is not less than a teaspoon. If that is an illegal substance then he is disobeying the laws of the country. When you disobey the laws, get caught and you lost the case then that doesn’t mean the system fail. It means you fail to do the correct thing and you also failed to present a good defense on the matter. So stop blaming the system.

  2. I do hope some one in the courts, Government or legal affairs do reed these comments and draw cues into helping a failed system in this country. It make no sense to lock-up some one for less than a tea spoon of Marijuana. All this is doing is creating more decay in our social system, more men in jail equals to less father figures less earning power and more broken home, and the list can goes on. Also the is weighting on the financial system in the country every case cost wages or salary to the police, the judges the prison you have to feed them etc. Or is this a larger political set up where it is a way to make those in charge richer and keep the minority ratio limited.


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