Unconscious Lethem mother: Health Minister says was not aware of the case …promises to intervene


By Renella Bourne

In wake of the ailing mother of Lethem, Region Nine (Upper Takatu-Upper Essequibo) who underwent gall stone surgery and never regained consciousness, Public Health Minister, Dr George Norton expressed his disappointment over patients who prefer to reach out to media houses to relate their situations rather than disclosing their health matters to the Public Health Ministry.

Dr Norton disclosed that the Ministry was not aware of the pending health situation of the Lethem mother, Thelma Rebeiro.

Thelma Rebeiro
Thelma Rebeiro

“I was not aware of anything of that sort, I only became aware of the situation when I read the newspapers, but it is surprising to know that these patients would go and tell the media houses everything and would not bother to inform me or my Ministry; however I do commend the media for highlighting the issues.”

However, he assured that he will look into Rebeiro’s condition and determine what assistance can be rendered, but did not give a commitment until all the details were available to the Ministry.

Thelma Rebeiro is in a critical state, and the situation is worrying her relatives. Her condition was first highlighted by Guyana Times on Tuesday after relatives, who are unable to provide a solution to her breakdown of health, spoke with the media.
The woman’s condition has even caused her husband to be in and out of hospital, as his blood pressure has been soaring since her illness.

According to relatives, Rebeiro had first undergone surgery at the Lethem Hospital after she was diagnosed with gall stones. However, they said that something went wrong during the surgery, and as such Rebeiro was rushed to the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPHC).

Four days later, another operation was conducted. However, since that operation, the woman has spent a number of days in hospital and has not regained consciousness. In fact, according to family members, they were told by doctors that there was nothing more that they could do for her.

The family said that they are at loss as to their next move.





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