Uncertainty still looms over scrap metal legislation

Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin
Minister of Business Dominic Gaskin

Although the legislation to monitor the trade of scrap metal is said to be in its final stage of conclusion, Business Minister Dominic Gaskin who holds the responsibility for the sector said he is still not sure when the documents will be presented to Parliament.

According to the Business Minister, the legislation is still at the office of the Attorney General, Basil Williams.

Gaskin went on to explain that the document was supposed to be brought to the National Assembly last December but was further postponed.

Even though he said the document was in its final stage, the Minister was unable to say when it will be presented in the National Assembly. However, he said that a limited resumption of trade continues to rid store houses of the materials.

Last December during the second day of consideration of the Budget 2019 estimates when Gaskin was questioned about allocations to various agencies under the Ministry, he informed that the legislation to govern the scrap metal trade will be presented this year.

The ban was temporarily lifted in February 2017, after it was imposed in June 2015. The Business Minister revealed in September that Government would be reopening the trade of scrap metal for three-month stints at a time until the relevant legislation was tabled.




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