“UNACCEPTABLE!” – Jagdeo says new Specialty Hospital deal a “massive act of corruption”

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]


By Jomo Paul

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]
Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo [iNews Photo]
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has revealed that Fedders Lloyd – the company now contracted to build the Specialty Hospital – was initially disqualified during the bidding process.

Jagdeo made the revelation just days after the Finance Minister Winston Jordan signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Fedders Lloyd that will see works restarting on the construction of the hospital.

The Opposition Leader at a press conference on Saturday pointed out that a group of technical staff had disqualified the company in the initial bidding process for the construction of the Hospital.

“They have a duty to release the evaluation report done by the last government…That report will show that this company was disqualified so it was not the second ranked company, it was disqualified,” Jagdeo stated.

He went on to brand the new deal for the construction of the facility as a “massive act of corruption”; hinting that there may have been personal motivations on the part of Vice President Khemraj Ramjattan for the company to get the contract.

“Every person in this room knows the role that Ramjattan played as a lobbyist for Fedders Lloyd when the company failed to get that contract,’ Jagdeo said.

Jagdeo also accused the government of “fallacy” as it relates to the funding for the Hospital; indicating that there were always funds available for the Hospital and other small projects.

He indicated that the Indian Government had opened a US$50M line of credit to Guyana.

“There was always funds to finance this hospital and other activities if we wanted…So when the government says now that we have cancelled this project…it’s a fallacy they always had money to do other things because the line of credit was there,” he said.

He added that the government “made it seem as if the Indian Government held a gun to their head and tell them you have to go with this hospital,” noting too that “this is unacceptable.”



  1. You tom with your fake name, what the hell are you really talking about for 23 year
    Bar Rat and his crooks rip the country off?

    What nerve he is talking about corruption. He wrote the damn book on corruption….That big , fat liar, crook, he should be checking with his buddies ROGER KHAN AND THE REST OF THEM IN THE AMERICAN JAIL.

  2. The corrupted PNC administration is setting Guyana up for a economic downfall. These skills are limited in a box because their education level is low. The PNC has always known to be full of corruption….Since these clowns took office, they took loans from USA, china, saudia arabia, india and mexico….How do these guys plan to pay back these loans? O…wait Burhnam did this back in the 80s forcing Guyana into Bankruptcy….anyone seen the similar pattern?

  3. Guyanese really need to wake up and see where this country is heading…..”time for change” that was for the worst…..we need to stand up for our country and children future

  4. Jagdeo is talking bull crap for the benefit of those who do not want to to think for themselves and prefer instead to live off of every word emitted by freedom house. Choosing the second best tender if the first fails, is standard practice across the globe. If Jagdeo is saying that Fedders-LLoyd were disqualified let him bring the supporting evidence and show on what grounds they were disqualified. Was it in response to orders from on high? He is making the statement. Why must the government furnish him with evidence to support it?The biggest thief who ever held office in Guyana talks about ‘massive corruption’. We call that ‘playing to the gallery’. What a joke..

  5. Car-rian Crow, it was Jagdeo who put Guyana on the world stage. It was the Jagdeo administration which negotiated the deal with the Indian government. It was the Jagdeo administration that develoed the idea of a Speciality Hospital. It was the APNU/ AFC when in opposition that voted against that project after the crossed eye VP favoured company was disqualified from the bidding process. You Mr Cyar, eat more tripe prepared by the APNU / AFC blood suckers

  6. “UNACCEPTABLE!” – Jagdeo says new Specialty Hospital deal a “massive act of corruption”
    Cack eye Ramjhaat dem has to payback loads of campaign money.
    Remember AFC outspent both PPP and PNC together in two elections?
    Where you think they get that money from?
    Ramjhaat them also owed KN boss man big time plus the Peg owner big time..
    This is pay back time.

  7. A massive act of corruption is exemplified by the Fip Motilall deal to build the YS$15.4M road to nowhere. Another one is the enrichment of front man Bobby who snared New GPC and billions of government funds for no-show pharmaceutical supplies or supplies with short shelf lives or with inflated prices.
    Now, if Fedders Lloyd was disqualified, then what exactly qualified those scamps from Surendra? The Chief Thief will never address his fellow thieves here.

  8. Jagdeo is a sensationalists. Massive corruption is $600,000,000.00 missing from t g e Public Service Ministry

    Massive fraud is Pradoville 2

    Massive fraud is the hive away of state assets to Bobby and Ahmad

  9. Jagdeo talking about the Specialty Hospital? Is he a comedian? or is something wrong with his memory. It would be enlightening if he could tell the process that his administration used to be ripped off by the previous builders. JAGDEO IF YOU SHUT UP PEOPLE MIGHT FORGET WHAT HAPPENED WITH YOUR INCOMPETENT ADMINISTRATION AND THE SPECIALTY HOSPITAL.

  10. Their bid was rejected because they refused to give “kick backs” to the PPP. Bha-RAT you’re a THUG and should be in jail.


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