UK envoy warns against “provocative, intemperate” campaign language


By Jomo Paul

United Kingdom High Commissioner to Guyana, James Gregory Quinn
United Kingdom High Commissioner to Guyana, James Gregory Quinn

[] – Recently accredited United Kingdom High Commissioner to Guyana, James Gregory Quinn says there is need for more “polite” language to be used by politicians on the campaign trail leading to the May 11 General and Regional Elections.

Since the elections campaigning began, both sides of the political divide have been accused of using language geared towards creating racial hostility among the Guyanese people.

These comments on the political platforms are being seen especially dangerous given the historical context of elections in Guyana and racial tensions whenever Guyana heads to the national polls.

“I think there have been examples…I am not going to give specifics, but where some intemperate language has been used…we have and we will continue to encourage to avoid provocative and intemperate language, said High Commissioner Quinn to iNews during a recent interview.effigies

The UK envoy explained that as “decent individuals” Guyana’s politicians should see it fit to conduct their electioneering in a matter that is conducive to societal gains.

“We are decent individuals and we all need to show respect to ensure that the campaign is conducted in a friendly and polite manner,” he said.

“I think what’s important in any election is that everybody on all sides who is a member of influences…not anybody on the political scene. It also calls for journalists, commentators, it’s anybody. It’s not just politicians I think they have a responsibility to ensure the campaign is conducted using appropriate language,” he lamented.

Meanwhile, social group Blue Caps recently launched its Keep It Clean, Vote 2015 campaign where in addition to urging persons to cast their ballots on May 11, the group has been naming and shaming politicians for remarks deemed provocative.



  1. I think candidates who use indecent and dprovocative language in or out of electoral campaign should be deleted from the electoral list of canidates. Political leaders are an example to the nation. Their followers will emulate their behavior. If they set the example of foul language we will have a. Foul mouthed nation.


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