UG will be destroyed if VC continues to micro manage – Employees


University-protestEmployees of the University of Guyana believe that if the new Vice Chancellor (VC) continues to micro manage the University, it will result in its total destruction.

As the protest action continues at the University of Guyana, the staffers are of the opinion that if the current Vice Chancellor of the University continues on the path he is on, then the university will have to shut down.

This point was reiterated by Dr. Pasty Francis, who is the President of UG’s Senior Staff Association.

She explained that the staff is not satisfied with the way in which, Dr. Jacob Opadeyi is managing the institution, and while they do not want him to be removed from the institution, they would like to be involved in the decision making process of the institution.

UG Vice Chancellor Dr. Jacob Opadeyi

UG Vice Chancellor Dr. Jacob Opadeyi

Dr. Francis is alleging that Dr. Opadeyi is forcing staff to take up management positions that they do not want.

The staff intends to continue the protest action until their many issues are addressed.

They are claiming that while deductions are being taken from their salaries, it is not reflected in a timely way at NIS, to the credit union or on their PAYE. According to Dr. Francis, many of the staff members are experiencing challenges in getting their benefits. [Fareeza Haniff]