UG wants to be less reliant on Government

UG Vice Chancellor Dr. Jacob Opadeyi
UG Vice Chancellor Dr. Jacob Opadeyi

University of Guyana Vice Chancellor [VC] Dr Jacob Opadeyi has revealed that he plans to make the institution less reliant on government.

And for this, partnerships with the private sector and international universities are important, he said.

In a recent interview, the VC spoke of his pursuits to get whatever help he can from these two groups to strengthen the University instead of carrying all the burdens to government.

And thus far he said the response has been good from the Private Sector while talks with international Universities continue.

In the quest to redesign the way things are done at UG, Dr. Opadeyi said a pilot study on what is to become the faculty advisory board is being undertaken in the faculty of technology.

The advisory board gathers its membership from the private sector, the association of engineers and government.

It is expected that this board would guide the future development of this faculty. [Delicia Fletcher]