UG students complain of increased robbery on Turkeyen campus


[]The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) says it is “shocked and horrified at the brutal robbery of a young female student of the University of Guyana at approximately 8:00pm on Thursday January 30, 2014.”

According to an IAC release, “Miss Hoodith had finished her classes and was still within the UG Campus, having walked pass the main guard hut situated just west of the building housing the Institute of Applied Science and Technology. The IAC understands that very close to where she was attacked and robbed, there is a wooden plank connecting the UG Campus to the Public Road, immediately to the east of the Campus and that this area does not have the benefit of lighting and in fact has been unlit for a very long time.”

The IAC says it also understands that “the adjoining area to the east of the UG Campus comprising First to Third Field, Cummings Lodge/Sofia is a haven for criminal elements who, in the absence of effective policing whether by the Guyana Police Force or by the Community Policing Group have victimize a large number of people, especially students of the University ofGuyana with a disproportionate amount of victims of Indo Guyanese origin.”

The IAC is calling upon “the authorities that govern the University of Guyana, The Guyana Police Force and the Community Policing Group to act immediately to ensure, that students and other persons are protected from these opportunistic criminal elements.”

According to the IAC, “It is even more horrified that this brazen criminal act has taken place in the first week of this second semester of the academic year 2013-2014.”



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