UG student encounters ‘sleeping cop’ when visiting Police Station to make robbery report


The cop found sleeping at the Turkeyen Police Station [Josh Xavier photo]
A 25-year-old final year environmental science student at the University of Guyana (UG) is now in a quandary after the laptop containing his final thesis was stolen when his apartment was broken into in the wee hours of today.

Josh Xavier and his brother have been occupying an apartment at Sixth Street Cummings Lodge, Greater Georgetown for the past eight month. The young man is originally from the hinterland but came to Georgetown to complete his studies at the tertiary institution.

In an interview with this publication, the young man explained that he retired to bed at about 01:20h on Monday after fine tuning his final presentation. At about 03:13h, he and his brother were awakened by loud sounds emanating from the living room area.

Xavier said upon investigating, he did not see anyone but found that several louver panes from a window next to his study table were missing.

As he looked closer, he realised that two Lenovo laptops were missing along with several pieces of important documents including his travel Visa card and bank card. In addition, an undisclosed sum of cash was missing.

Xavier said he then raised alarm and it was then he learnt that his neighbour’s house was also burglarised.

The young man further related that he visited the Turkeyen Police Station to make a report but instead, he encountered a policeman sound asleep. He said after calling for some time, the officer woke up and facilitated the report.

Whilst there, Xavier stated that another man turned up at the station, also to lodge a report that his house was broken into and items missing. In his case, he had a recording of the suspect making his way into his home. The video evidence was handed over to the police. It is believed that the break and enters might have been committed by a group of men working together.

Up to press time, Xavier noted that the police did not turn up at his apartment to take fingerprints

The young man also noted that he is completely devastated due to the fact that his final thesis was saved on one of the computers. The thesis has to be submitted by Wednesday.