UG staff to commence ‘sit in’ industrial action from Monday


UG[] – The University of Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) and the Workers Union (UGWU) are slated to commence their industrial action on Monday, January 26 with three days of ‘sit in’.

Official notice of their decision was sent via notice to the University of Guyana Student Society (UGSS).

The ‘sit in’ will mean that union members, including lecturers are expected to be present on campus but will not be engaged in teaching and/or providing services.

It was noted that apart from lectures, the services most used by students at this time are bursary and registry related. The unions are protesting for an increase in wages, salaries and improvement in other areas.

The notice sent by the UGSSA and UGWU noted; “We stand in solidarity with you as you seek to mobolise students to demand better conditions on the campus”.

The correspondence stated that UGSSA and UGWU are aware of the possible implications of its actions on students and the University as a whole.

“Our aim is not to make the students or the University suffer. Please help our students to understand that we are simply insisting on better standards and conditions at the University which will be beneficial to them as well,” the Unions noted.

On Monday, students are invited to decide with the UGSS executives the action forward as they take the tarmac of ELT to deal with issues affecting them.

According to the Student Society, this event will provide an understanding between lecturers and students as well as the administration that salary increases are not the sole issues of the day and that concomitant with that is the necessity to have better conditions of classrooms and general facilities.




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