UG restricts access to campuses citing ‘security concerns’

The new Registry Building, Turkeyen Campus

The University of Guyana (UG) has moved to block all access to its two campuses – at Turkeyen and Tain – allowing only ‘top level’ security officials to be present at the institution.

In a statement, it was indicated that this complete restriction became effective from 18:00h last Monday for security reasons. This means students, faculty members and auxiliary staff will not be allowed to enter the gates.

The institution said, “The administration of the University of Guyana wishes to advise members of our UG community (Faculty, Staff and Students) that we must immediately move to a hard lockdown of all UG campuses due to security precautions which must be taken at this time.”

This inflexible condition will continue until stakeholders are advised further by UG’s administration.

The statement read, “No one other than security and staff with top level security clearance will be allowed on any of our campuses. We sincerely regret that this action has become necessary. We will be observing conditions with a view to removing these restrictions at the earliest opportunity.”

It went on to say the University will perform certain functions via online in ‘safe mode’. The University Community is reminded to keep checking official channels: UG website, HRMIS and SRMS) for updates.

With the University closed since mid-March, it is unclear when classroom activities would  resume. Over the past few weeks, exams and other grading mechanisms were facilitated online.

Professor Paloma Mohamed, who was recently appointed Vice-Chancellor, had said last week that the administration has carefully drafted a blueprint to trigger the transformation of the University.

She explained that the institution will see major developments which include the strengthening of the institution’s financial systems, improvement in the Turkeyen campus’ sewage system, the training of staff and improvement of security for students, among other measures.