UG offering free ‘Human Relations’ course


The University of Guyana’s Centre of Excellence for Teaching and Learning (CoETaL) Office of the Vice-Chancellor, is once again offering its ‘Human Relations Course’ (HRC) free of charge to the general public from 3rd September – 31st October 2021.

The University said it has taken note of recent heightened public tensions and again underlines the importance of this course in building and strengthening better relations amongst individuals and groups.

“The University also notes that while freedom of speech and freedom of association are fundamental rights protected by our constitution and our strong democratic national values, the nature of public debate can become passionate in unfortunate ways. When this happens, ad hominem (personal) attacks upon persons with whom we disagree, must be studiously avoided and repudiated. This is because fundamental healthy discourse can be devalued and derailed in the process,” UG said in a statement.

“The University is therefore amongst other interventions offering this free course in Human Relations, which, amongst 6 others, contains modules on emotional intelligence, gender relations, and ethnic diversity as one of our sincere contributions in fostering mutual respect, constructive open dialogue, decorum, and fair play in the best interest of our beloved people and country. It is open to any member of the public,” UG added.

Each module contains a pre-test followed by a video, which lasts for 1-2 hours and a post-test. Persons are expected to check the notification box after they have completed each activity to ensure that they can progress to the next activity. There is no pass and fail grade, but students are expected to complete all modules to receive the certificate.

Registration for this course will be open from Friday, 24 September 2021. Please register using the following URL: