UG flags unofficial social media accounts

University of Guyana’s official Twitter account

The University of Guyana (UG) on Friday flagged several Twitter and Facebook accounts, claiming that these social media pages are not official accounts of the tertiary institution.

These accounts, the University stated, are not operated by the institution’s administration and do not, therefore, broadcast the views of the University. The University’s official institutional Twitter account is called University of Guyana-Official and has not been active since 2019 due to the ongoing revamping of the University’s communications apparatus.

An unofficial University of Guyana Twitter account

The University continues to work on making the differentiation of its institutional official channels even more distinct moving forward. It is to be noted that UG has not been using social media for official communication, but has used its official SRMS system and website to post all important information:

The Act establishing the University of Guyana flowing from the Constitution of Guyana mandates an apolitical non-discriminatory stance which the institution strives to honour in all its activities.