UG Act to be revised as Joe Singh appointed new Pro-Chancellor

(L) Newly appointed Pro-Chancellor Joe Singh, Vice Chancellor Ivelaw Griffith and Chancellor Nigel Harris among other Council members

Major General (Ret’d) Joseph Singh was on Thursday announced as the new Pro-Chancellor of the University of Guyana’s (UG’s) Council.

The disclosure was made by Chancellor Nigel Harris during the University’s first Annual Business Meeting held in the Education Lecture Theatre. He noted that Singh received a unanimous vote.

During the meeting- which was spearheaded by Council members, Chancellor Nigel Harris, Vice Chancellor Ivelaw Griffith and newly appointed Pro-Chancellor Joe Singh- it was also disclosed that there was an intention to revise the University Act.

Chancellor Nigel Harris told the conference that the University Act has not being revised in any major way since 1963 and as such, it will be reviewed in the days to come.

“Many of the University’s policies and regulations are outdated,” Harris explained.

As such, one of the first items on the agenda was the exploration of roles and responsibilities of Council members of the university.

Harris asserted that it was decided upon that a new council be appointed, and that it will be smaller than the previous one which comprised of some 26 members.

He noted that this implementation is expected to reduce politicization and promote efficiency, effectiveness and accountability.

The orientations for same will be held in approximately six weeks in which council members will be able understand their responsibilities better.

While acknowledging that the new University Act will have to be approved by the Parliament, Harris expressed optimism that the Act will be accepted and carried forward.


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