U.S.-based Guyanese woman with missing passport can now return to U.S.


The U.S.-based Berbice woman whose passport went ‘missing’ during the “check in” procedure at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) will soon return to her home after interventions by Dynamic Airways.

The family were returning to the US on a Dynamic Airways flight but could not leave the country because Lilawattie Persaud’s passport could not be found, thereby, preventing her from being allowed to leave Guyana.

She had been visiting Guyana with her husband and son.

Local Representative of Dynamic Airways, Gerry Gouveia, told INews this morning that the woman had misplaced her travel document (passport) “sometime after check in” at the CJIA and it is unclear to date as to what transpired.

He stated that after reviewing the footage from the airport cameras a conclusion could not be drawn as to how the passport went missing since the cameras could capture the woman but were unable to “pick up when the passport went missing.”

INews understands that Persaud was stuck in Guyana since Saturday, last, and had to obtain a new passport from the US Embassy.



  1. This women was very careless. Passports and entry cards must be accounted for before leaving immigration. I hope she has learnt a lesson.


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