Two wanted for missing EBD woman

Missing: Shonette Savory

The Police are now on the hunt for two suspects who are wanted in connection with the disappearance of Shonette Savory; the Prospect, East Bank Demerara (EBD) woman who went missing in August 2016.

Patrick Kissoon, called “Pato” and Ritesha Rahaman, called “Tesha” are wanted by the Police for questioning in relation to Savory’s disappearance.

Wanted: Ritesha Rahaman

The 37-year-old woman went missing from her residence at Lot 222 Last Street, Prospect, EBD, and was never heard from since.

On the day of her disappearance, the woman who lived alone left home with the intention of buying credit for her prepaid meter. She reportedly returned, topped up her meter and then left again.

An unknown man who lives in the area reportedly told Savory’s family members that he spoke to her when she was heading out – he was the last to hear from her. An inspection of her home revealed that the woman did not take any important document or items, which indicated that she intended to return. Numerous attempts were made to contact the mother of one, however her cellphone kept going to voicemail.

Missing: Shonette Savory

In December, during the course of their investigations, Police had removed a shack to inspect its concrete flooring after receiving information that the woman was buried there, however they came up empty handed.

The shack belonged to a man who resided at Belle West, West Bank Demerara (WBD) and who Savory was last seen with.
The man reportedly went missing after Police revealed that he was wanted for questioning.

However, since then, no other information emerged and Savory’s family members are still in distress as to what happened to her.

Anyone with information that may lead to the arrest of both Kissoon and Rahaman, 26, are asked to contact the Police on telephone numbers 226-1389, 227-2128, 226-7065, 256-411, 225-2227, 225-0575, 225-6940, 911 or the nearest Police station.  The last known address for both suspects is Herstelling Sea Dam, EBD.


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