Two to appear in Court today for Herstelling murder


Two persons who are suspected to have murdered 42-year-old Abdool Ameer Subrati of Peters Hall, East Bank Demerara are expected to appear  at Georgetown Magistrates’ Courts today where they will be charged for the crime.

Dead: Ameer Khan
Dead: Abdool Ameer Subrati 

INews understands that those to be charged were positively identified during an identification parade on Saturday by the relatives of the now dead man.

Based on information received, the case file was sent to the Director of Public Prosecutions, who recommended that charges be instituted.

On the night of the shooting, the now dead man had gone to Herstelling to visit holidaying family members when five armed men stormed the premises. One of the armed men reportedly hid in the bathroom, while the four others stayed in the toilet.

Amika Appiah, one of the visiting overseas-based Guyanese, was confronted by one of the men after she went to take a shower around 02:00h. After realising what was happening, she raised an alarm, but it was then that the four other men ran out of the toilet area.

She was held at gunpoint and they demanded that she hand over a “white bag”, which she later confirmed had a sum of money and important documents.

The gunmen then proceeded to discharged rounds and it was during that time, Subrati was shot to the neck. Appiah, however, was flung to the ground by one of the bandits and used the opportunity to secure herself along with other relatives.

The men then went into the upper flat of the house where they found the bag and made good their escape, but not before discharging several other rounds.

The injured Subrati was picked up and taken to the Diamond hospital where he was treated and transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital where he underwent surgery to remove the bullet, but subsequently died.





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