Two shot in confrontation with police



POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – Two persons are now nursing gunshot wounds to their bodies after they were shot during a police confrontation at Coverden, East Bank Demerara.

A police release stated that at 1:00hrs on Saturday November 14, ranks responded to a report of disorderly behavior by a number of patrons at a nightspot at Coverden.

While the police attempted to arrest one of the persons who was allegedly involved in the fracas, a scuffle ensued between the man and an armed police man. It was during the scufflethat the man tried to disarm the police officer and a round was discharged.

The bullet struck the man to his abdomen and also struck a female waitress at the nightspot.

The waitress has been identified as 27-year-old Odessa Glasgow, of Belle Alliance, Essequibo Coast and 33-year-old Linden Samuels 33 years, of Soesdyke, EBD. 

The two have been admitted to the GPHC as police investigations continue.



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