Two policemen busted with large quantity of ganja

The car in which the marijuana was found

… under close arrest

Two policemen are now under close arrest in New Amsterdam after a quantity of marijuana was discovered in a car belonging to one of the officers. The ranks were on Monday afternoon busted with five kilos of cannabis.

Both Constables are attached to the Traffic Department in New Amsterdam. Reports are that one of the ranks, who was on official business on the West Coast of Berbice, and was at the time driving a minibus belonging to the Force was seen stopping a car. At that time, the rank who owns a car, was the only person in the bus.

The car in which the marijuana was found
The car in which the marijuana was found

After the car was stopped, the driver came out of the vehicle carrying a parcel in his hand and boarded the bus. Reports are that the bus then pulled off and stopped a short distance away. The driver of the car then exited without the parcel.

It is understood that the cop telephoned another rank and asked him to take his car to Vrymens Erven, which is situated in New Amsterdam.

When the bus arrived, it is alleged that the parcel was transferred to the car and both vehicles went back to central Police Station.

Commander of B Division (Berbice), Errol Watts, was informed of the suspicious transaction on the West Coast of Berbice, and lay in wait for the two Constables.

When they arrived, several senior officers were called and informed of the situation. The owner of the car refused to hand over the keys to the Commander, claiming that he did not know where they were.

Reports are that the officer said his friend had borrowed his car and if anything was found inside, he would not be guilty.

Watts ordered that the car be broken into. When the trunk was opened, two plastic bags containing what was suspected to be cannabis (marijuana) was found. It was weighed in the presence of the two traffic Police.

A report in today’s Guyana Times said both suspects are under close arrest. Police are now looking for the man who left the parcel in the Police bus.



  1. Police officers and military personnel or anyone working in law enforcement should be given triple penalties for crimes committed by them because they sworn to uphold the laws, they need to set an example.

  2. Policemen again what a disgrace however these people are protected by the dead fish all because they look alike-its like putting the cat to watch the milk –It the leader is a knuckle head what do you expect the followers to be?This is the change the fool promised.crime and more crime, no job ,more taxes more blackout this is the leader the scums wanted.


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