Two multi-purpose courts will be established in 2017

Director of Sport Christopher Jones showing the plans for the renovation of the National Gymnasium

The National Sport Commission (NSC) plans to establish two multi-purpose courts on the northern side of the National Gymnasium located on Mandela Avenue in 2017, according to Director of Sport Christopher Jones.

In an interview with the Government Information Agency (GINA), Jones said that the establishment of the multi-purpose courts would, “take the pressure off the volume of different disciplines that use the National Gymnasium and the Cliff Anderson Sports Hall for training”.

“We would have already met with the consultants and viewed the technical drawings of the multi-purpose court and other necessities are being done for the project,” the Sport Director explained. Jones noted that a proposal was submitted to the Government in 2015 requesting $440M to remodel the gymnasium into two phases. The Sport Director however noted that the amount requested was not granted but a sufficient sum was given for the establishment of the two multi-purpose courts.

Director of Sport Christopher Jones showing the plans for the renovation of the National Gymnasium

“One of the major projects that we (NSC) had set out to achieve is the upgrading of the gymnasium and of course the funding for that project spoke to $440 M being requested which would have been in two phases for 2017 and 2018 of $220M respectively,” the Sport Director explained.

Jones highlighted that the NSC decided to remodel the gymnasium since there is a, “serious issue with the space and could not accommodate the different disciplines practice.” The NSC plans to establish new courts for the various sports disciplines like the installation of  a Lawn Tennis Court and a Volleyball Court which will also be used  for Futsal and Hockey.

Additionally, a designated area was designed for the senior citizens to practice recreational activities as well creating a Wireless Fidelity (WIFI) friendly environment for the youths. (GINA)


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