Two more commit suicide in Region Two – the question remains ‘Why’?


Two separate families on the Essequibo Coast are mourning the death of their loved ones as they tragically consumed poisonous substances separately. Dead are 23-year-old Akel Shurland of Adventure and 27-year-old Kaimwattie Persaud of Anna Regina.

DEAD: 23-year-old Akel Shurland of Adventure
DEAD: 23-year-old Akel Shurland of Adventure

According to information reaching INews, Shurland was involved in an accident recently. He crashed into another vehicle and was asked for compensation. He became confused in the process and went home and drank poison. He battled for his life several days at the Suddie Public Hospital after which he succumbed.

Meanwhile, Khaimwattie Persaud – a worker attached to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) office at Anna Regina had an heated argument with her husband after which she consumed the poisonous substance. Information revealed she went at a ‘lake outing’ and upon her return she had a confrontation with her husband.

Only recently also a 21-year-old and a 42-year-old father hang himself at Windsor Castle and Golden Fleece respectively, both villages on the Essequibo Coast. The 21-year-old hang himself on Christmas morning, while the 42-year-old father hang himself Old Year’s night in his house. The island of Wakenaam also recorded four more suicide in December, 2015.

DEAD: 27-year-old Kaimwattie Persaud of Anna Regina
DEAD: 27-year-old Kaimwattie Persaud of Anna Regina

INews also understands that a 12-year-old is presently at Suddie Public Hospital battling for her life. She too consumed a quantity of poisonous substance.

With the increase in the number of suicides in Region Two, residents are calling on the coalition Government to implement more programmes and seminars within the Region to educate persons on the issue of suicide. They are of the view that the APNU/AFC Coalition government can do much more to address suicide in the country.

According to residents living on the Essequibo Coast, the Government has the responsibility to do more by providing recreational facilities, youth training\empowerment and employment for young people. They are of the view that the government policies to prevent suicide is not working because more young people are ending their life in very tragic manner as a result of frustration, no jobs, economic problems and domestic violence.

Residents said the Government need to take a serious stand on the social issue of suicide and place the matter on the front burner. Suggestions were made for more professional counseling on the ground.

Currently, Region Two has the highest rate of suicide.





  1. How long were these people elected? And prior to them being elected both the crime rate and suicide rates were astronomical.

  2. I am ashamed of some of my fellow indians after reading your stupid comments blaming government for mature adults committing suicide over domestic problems. Before you talk nonsense why don’t you try and educate them about the beauty of life and its not worth taking your life for anyone. A 12 year old drink poison cuz she having problems with her boy friend and you blaming government for this. Maybe some of you need education also.

  3. Sheer Indian people… You can tell the Indians don’t feel they can get any help from anyone these days…This coalition is not representing the Indian ppl

  4. looknauth,you have a right to use any name as your Blogger identity. But why choose an Indian name? From that particular post, it is evident that you are DEFINITELY not of Indian extraction by mentioning ”if you stop writing trash and go out into your community [yes, your community is where the suicide is rampant]….”
    This shows how insensitive and racist you are. In Guyana, there are communities/villages where mixed races live so which community should A Persuad go? Can’t think of any community where only one section of the population lives; probably Buxton but that could be wrong.

  5. is not me -is buhham -hoyte and now graingeh swelling yall guts and got yall running all over the place looking good sporting yall mini white yaaz mouths.. lil bit more time and it will be full blown just like in yall founding father days lol

  6. looknah babboon why dont you stop being pnc cyber pimp and stop being a blog molester ??? you are one sick pathetic pnc cyber pim

  7. if you stop writing trash and go out into your community [yes, your community is where the suicide is rampant] and try to be a part of the solution instead of peddling a lot of horse manure and froth on a forum such as this one, maybe a few people will listen to you and not drink poison or hang themselves from rafters in their houses. oh wait! you can never be a part of the solution because you too dunce and uneducated – as indicated here by what you wrote!

  8. The worst is yet to come the country was better when the PPP/C was in office i don’t know how the people can say that the PPP/C was not doing a good job well is the PNC/AFC doing a good job right now look at the crime rate right now and suicide rate the true is people feel more free to committed crime now under the Granger government.

  9. The APNU indeed published article blaming the Suicide rate on the PPP 2-years ago. Now that they are in office, what are these ministers doing to improve these people lives! This is a state of mental depression -lack of jobs, bad financial status, relationship issues -all can be a factor. The fact that since the APNU took office, economy has gone under the atlantic, expect more of this to come.

  10. The Dark Satellite APNU/AFC is ruling Guyana now and Angel of Death is lurking around to take as much Life as possible.

  11. look–truth biting ya patetic balls..and frankinsine you are junk to talk junk junk –faxt does eat yall liver at all times.. yall know how to fix all social ills that plagued guyanese before election.. can yall fix anything really except to piss on ppp flag in public in the presence of little children –thats what yall do best.. dont ya??

  12. PNCites like madmax, Ramjattan, Dennis McKenzie, Charrandas, Mark Ross…Hughes, Harmon etc. said they have all the answers. Well bring it on baby! Stop abusing the treasury and solve your problems.

  13. Two more commit suicide in Region Two – the question remains ‘Why’?
    Why mourn? PNC said they will stop people killing themselves because PPP cant stop it. PNC cried and cried and cried telling the world that Guyana have the highest suicide rate in the world and they PNC knows whyt Guyanese killing themselves on a massive scale. PNC told the world that these people that are killing themselves are so depressed under PPP rule.
    Well its not PNC rule now.
    No one can say the GDF promised Guyanese anything during election campaign.
    GDF now ruling Guyana so who cares if who kill who and who kill self.


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