Two more bodies discovered in Berbice


The Police are investigating the circumstances behind the death of two Berbicians whose bodies were both found on Wednesday.

Dead: Mangalram Chetram

Dead are 47-year-old Mangalram Chetram of Reliance Village, East Canje, Berbice whose body was discovered with a wound to his head at his said address and 73-year-old Ramdai Samnarine called “Aunty Pato”, of Lot 695 Number One Road, Albion Berbice whose body was discovered floating in the Albion Estate Drainage Canal.

According to reports, Chetram who is said to be an alcoholic and who suffers from epilepsy, was seen early on Wednesday being lifted home by his son.

From indications, the man was reportedly intoxicated and he reportedly had fallen on the roadway.

However, he was carried home and placed to lie under his house. Hours later, he was observed by neighbours to be lying in the said position and an alarm was raised.

Upon inspections, it was observed that the man had a wound to his forehead and was not breathing.

As such, the Police were called to the scene and Chetram was pronounced dead. His son who was called to the scene reportedly disappeared shortly after his arrival.

Meanwhile Samnarine’s body was discovered at about 17:30h by a passer-by floating in the canal and as such, an alarm was raised.

Dead: Ramdai Samnarine

According to information received, the woman left home at approximately 16:00 on Tuesday to visit a doctor.

It is not clear whether she went to the doctor’s office before she met her demise. The mother of three lived with her 77-year-old husband to whom she had been married to for some 50 years.

It was previously reported that on Tuesday last, 53-year-old Ivlaw Henry Snr’s body was discovered at his Lot 3 Adelphi home shortly before 8:00h by his son.

Meanwhile, on Monday villagers also found the body Shelldon Fortune at his Lot 14 Adelphi home.

And on Friday last the body of Roxanne Newyear a teacher of Zorg Primary who was recently transferred to the Rosehall Estate Primary was found hanging from her verandah.

On the day of her demise, Newyear had allegedly told her husband that she was going into the verandah for fresh air but failed to return to the house sometime after.

Checks made by her husband reportedly found her hanging.

These five deaths are presently being investigated by the Police.


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